iGeotec is a spin-out company from Maynooth University, near Dublin, Ireland. Founded in 2010, iGeotec is a geospatial technology company that specialises in integrating multiple data streams into user friendly cloud platforms for decision makers. We work with a wide variety of datasets (e.g. maps, GIS, video, audio, imagery) derived from Earth Observations (EO), aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (e.g. UAVS or drones), ground-based survey systems and even smartphones and tablets. We strive to develop data platforms that are low cost, easy to use and highly versatile, saving teams time and money in capturing, analysing and using high quality, accurate geospatial information. 

Our generic cloud platforms, such as Ubipix allow the end-user to capture and publish real-life events using space-age technology at the click of a button. The Ubipix App (Android, iPhone, Windows) is intuitive and easy to use, enabling full motion video and images, together with tags & GPS, to be recorded. These geocoded clips can be transmitted (3G, WiFi) in near real-time and distributed instantly through Ubipix’s automated publishing engine & social network channels. The end-result is a totally interactive experience that can be shared with colleagues, clients and contractors using a powerful array of integrated mapping, multimedia and tagging technologies. The system can be used by those in environmental monitoring, infrastructural, transportation and local government sectors. However if you and your team require a bespoke data solution we would be happy to speak to you.